BlockLike.js is an educational JavaScript library. It bridges the gap between block-based and text-based programming.

BlockLike.js is designed following Scratch concepts, methods and patterns. The screen is a centered stage. Interaction is with Sprites. Code is executed in a "paced" manner. Scratch block code and BlockLike.js text code are meant to be as literally similar as possible.

BlockLike.js is written in ES6/ES7 flavored JavaScript. It is environment independent. It can be used anywhere modern JavaScript runs.

See for details, docs, examples and FAQ.

Using the docs

Left side bar lists the four BlockLike.js entities:

  • Stage
  • Sprite
  • Backdrop
  • Costume

Under each entity is an alphabetically ordered list of all their methods.

There are examples for each.

Source code

Blocklike is open sourced and MIT licensed. See